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What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a therapeutic approach that combines elements of talking therapy and acupressure point stimulation to help individuals address and overcome emotional difficulties. It is also referred to as tapping therapy and is considered a form of energy psychology.
EFT is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, which believes that energy, known as Qi, flows through specific pathways in the body called meridian points. Imbalances in these energy lines are thought to contribute to emotional dysregulation and discomfort. EFT involves tapping gently on specific meridian points on the face and upper body using the fingertips, while repeating affirmations related to the emotional issue. This stimulates the energy pathways and sends signals to the amygdala, an area of the brain responsible for managing stress levels and emotional responses. By tapping on these points, EFT can help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve emotional well-being. EFT has been found to be effective in providing relief for individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, and emotional difficulties, and is widely recognised as a safe and effective therapeutic approach.
Simple Rebalance!

Questions And Answers

Frequently Asked Questions About EFT

Once we’ve spoken about the emotional state you’re experiencing, we’ll talk through your difficulty whilst simultaneously tapping certain meridian points. I offer one-on-one EFT online sessions worldwide and follow-up sessions via telephone or online video calling (Skype, Zoom or Teams).

Everyone can benefit from EFT. Those who truly wants to make a difference in their lives be happier, focused, passionate and motivated. Professional people that want to progress in their career and transform their stress levels into energy to work towards goals that feel more motivational and achievable. 

EFT is demonstrated used safely with new mums and babies, gently turning overwhelming emotions into positive, more peaceful states by changing the way you view or think about the emotions.

EFT is designed for new parents as well. It is a great form of mental health and wellbeing support, with guidance as to how to overcome issues and find balance on a new journey of parenthood

EFT Tapping benefits are simple enough that anyone can do it and it is easy to learn, inaugurate it into everyday habits. Sessions and meetings are taking place online from comfort of your home. It requires no special equipment – only access to Zoom, Skype or Videocalls. Other benefits also include relief from stress in relationships, your personal life, your career and finances.

EFT is considered as an alternative treatment / complementary therapy. Thus, EFT is not meant to replace proper medical or therapeutic advice.

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My name is Ramona and my biggest passion is helping people to overcome stress through an empowerment technique based on emotional freedom. I have always been passionate about wellbeing. This stems from my interest in alternative medicine, which has led me towards dedicating my life to learning more and helping others. I am a qualified practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Technique accredited by EFT International – the global supervisory body for meridian energy therapy. I have been practising Zen Shiatsu and traditional Chinese medicine internationally for over 12 years. Everyone suffers from various stresses and discomforts in life. However, through empowering techniques a happy equilibrium and a higher state of balance can be reached.
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